VELA Medical manufactures patient chairs, which optimise examination efficiency for the work environment for medical professionals in hospitals and clinics.

The company’s medical chairs are the result of intensive collaboration with healthcare professionals to design products based on staff knowledge and experience, as well as patient needs. VELA Medical’s designs range from basic staff chairs to patient chairs specifically designed for treatments and examinations.

Every chair contributes to a better working environment for staff with improved ergonomics, comfort and safety that benefits both staff and patients.

VELA Medical’s portfolio complies with the strict requirements of the healthcare sector, used in hospitals, specialist doctors, general practitioners, health clinics and laboratories across the world.

Patient chairs for ophthalmology

The company’s ophthalmology chairs are made to consider the patient’s safety and security, as well as suited to environments with high patient flow and many transfers between apparatuses.

There are many benefits to VELA Medical’s chairs. Staff can quickly and safely get the elderly or disabled patient seated in a chair and apply the brake or move the patient between the various examinations without effort.

The company’s chairs are easy to operate, so the chair and patient can be adjusted to a preferable working height to prevent stooping or straining.

Medical chairs for mammography

With VELA Medical’s patient chair for mammography, staff can get a more precise examination of patients who will be steadier while sitting instead of standing.

Staff can move the chair while the patient is settled and be sure they remain safely seated throughout the examination. An electric high / low function makes it easy to get a correct working height. With an ergonomic working position, staff can prevent unnecessary strain on the back, shoulders and neck.

Optimal positioning for correct x-rays

VELA Medical’s X-ray chairs are primarily designed for imaging of the thorax and upper extremities, and for further use in almost all X-ray examinations from the waist up, where the patient is required to remain completely still for proper imaging.

With the chair locked and a stable base, the patient remains securely seated while images are taken. The chairs are easy to operate, so healthcare staff can adjust the patient’s position according to the angle and image while optimising the working environment and time.

Medical chairs built with care and precision

At VELA Medical, the company strives on optimising safety, functionality and ergonomics in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Medical equipment is often exposed to severe wear and tear for many hours a day, and so are VELA Medical’s chairs.

The company’s products comprise sturdy mechanical parts and extra-durable surface materials so they can be kept clean and functional for many years to come. All chairs are European Commission (CE) marked and produced in Aalborg, Denmark.

VELA Medical is certified according to Quality Management the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) 9001 and Environmental Management ISO 14001.

Hygiene benefits of market-specific medical chairs

The company’s medical chairs meet stringent hygiene and disinfecting requirements in the healthcare sector.

They are complete with easy-to-clean surfaces without recesses, where dirt would typically gather, for optimal hygiene. Furthermore, edge bands on all backrests prevent dirt from collecting in the joints.

Light-coloured surfaces allow for easier spot-cleaning, and the chairs withstand disinfection with alcohol or chlorine at recommended concentration and mixing ratios.

About VELA Medical

VELA Medical is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935. Since the 1950s, the company manufactured chairs and other equipment for the healthcare industry, and during this time, built up substantial experience.

We first designed office chairs and stools for a medical environment, but specialist chairs have slowly become an asset during examinations and treatments.

After collaborating with various clinics and hospitals using the chairs, the company created VELA Medical – a brand that has been focusing solely on the healthcare sector since 2012.

Today, VELA Medical produces seating solutions for selected specialist areas to optimise staff efficiency and improve the working environment and patient flow.