The X-ray chair is used for X-rays of the upper extremities, where the patient must be stabilised to obtain correct images.

  • Armrests and stable base make it easy for patients to sit on and get up from the chair.
  • Gliding wheels make it effortless to move the chair for patient positioning on all floor types.
  • Foot pedal locking system and electronic handset height adjustment ensure optimal ergonomic working positions for your staff.
  • Backrest provides safe support and optimal stability for patients.
  • Patient transfers are made easier because armrests can be folded down.
  • Extra-wide seating is possible because armrests can be folded down.

Hygiene Benefits

VELA medical chairs are designed to meet the stringent hygiene and disinfecting requirements in the healthcare sector.

  • For optimal hygiene, chairs have easy-to-clean surfaces without recesses where dirt might gather, including the underside of the chair.
  • All backrests are supplied with edge bands to prevent dirt from collecting in the joints.
  • All parts can withstand disinfection, for example, with alcohol or chlorine at the recommended concentration and mixing ratios.
  • Light-coloured surfaces make it easy to spot marks when cleaning.

Tests and approvals

CE branding: The chair is CE-branded in accordance with medicinal directive MDD 93/42/EEC, which means that the chair complies with all European security requirements.

EMC-test: The chair’s electrical functions are tested and approved in accordance with the latest demands regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), both in terms of radiation and susceptibility, which means that the chair is completely safe to use with all types of electrical equipment, including pacemakers and cellphones.

IP21: The chair’s electrical functions are tested and approved in accordance with IEC 60529 and the chair has an Ingress Protection (IP) 21 degree of security, meaning that all components are waterproof and safe to use. This also means that all electronics are protected from water drops as well as touch.