SELENIUM MEDICAL Deploys its New Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Verdict Medical Devices
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SELENIUM MEDICAL Deploys its New Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

To meet the business development and requirements of its customers, SELENIUM MEDICAL has implemented the first quarter of 2015 its new Sylob ERP.

The management system allows the identification of business improvement issues through the publication of a quality reporting and fosters knowledge and information diffusion.

Through ERP, SELENIUM MEDICAL searches optimising stock levels.

Sylob guarantees reactivity and punctuality for every order while maintaining complete control of workflow management. Supply is ensured at the right time and in the best conditions.

This new tool permits quality and traceability optimisation as it incorporates non-compliance forms according to the production order.

Through the establishment of non-conformities closer analysis, incident tracking is improved.

Generally, the integration of this new ERP enables production optimisation and improved performance analysis while ensuring quality and reliability.

SELENIUM MEDICAL supply chain manager Grégory Claré said: "The challenge, about to be won, was to implement a complete solution in less than four months.

"The handling and use in real time by employees ensures precise steering and a source of information for customers on the process of their products.

"Steer as tightly as possible, analyse our performance, ensure our customers quality and reporting, while facilitating operators access to technical documentation make SYLOB the backbone for all stakeholders of SELENIUM MEDICAL and will accelerate the company structuring process and support business growth."

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