Selenium Medical Implements Titanium Type II Anodising

Selenium Medical has developed its own Type II anodising process.

Selenium Medical has developed its own Type II anodising process following recommendations of the SE AMS 2488D standard.

This type of anodising results in the formation of an oxide layer with a single colour, gray anthracite. It is applied to titanium alloy implants and instruments when the surface is subjected to friction, or mechanically stressed during use.

Process advantages include:

  • Improved mechanical and surface properties of medical devices, resulting in reduced wear, scratch resistance, increased fatigue, corrosion resistance, and greater hardness than colour anodising
  • Improved biological properties of medical devices such as improved grip of the bone, good biocompatibility and ease of removal after recovery
  • The treatment causes no dimensional change to medical devices

Selenium Medical R&D project manager Boussad Sebih said: "This process, not very developed in France, comes from our expertise and has been developed with all co-workers of the research and development division of Selenium Medical."

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