Guardtech specialises in medical device cleanroom design and build and portable laboratory solutions, offering controlled environment expertise to the healthcare industry.

The company provides turnkey solutions to create, improve, upgrade or relocate a critical environment for clients. Its knowledgeable team manage the design and fitting of all structural, mechanical, and electrical components of its projects to deliver a trouble-free experience.

Guardtech accommodates quick-assembly cleanroom installations for all applications and budgets, with products such as standard modular cleanrooms and softwall cleanrooms, as well as its CleanCube mobile cleanrooms and ISOPODs, covering small to medium-scale applications through the full turnkey cleanroom design and build process.

Medical device cleanroom design and build specialists

Guardtech designs and constructs bespoke medical device cleanroom environments, supplying a wide range of furniture and equipment, as well as cleanroom validation services, testing and cleaning, and service and maintenance.

As a former member of the Guardline Group, Gaurdtech has a long history in cleanrooms dating back to the early 1980s.
Guardtech was born from customer demand for a flexible and knowledgeable cleanroom design and build contractor.
The company has executed an excess of 100 projects over the period of more than a decade.
Guardtech can assist with the full validation lifecycle, including DQ, IQ and OQ documentation.
Offering in-house or independent testing, Guardtech offers a full cleanroom validation process.
Guardtech has been designing, installing and commissioning cleanrooms and laboratories for more than a decade.
The company’s installation team always aim to deliver optimal results.
A wide range of cleanroom equipment can be supplied and installed alongside a turnkey cleanroom project.
Guardtech offers a full cleanroom validation process to ensure the controlled environment is performing to specification.
The company help clients to design cleanrooms according to individual specifications.

Skilled Guardtech engineers perform cleanroom installation, with the support of certified, fully trained subcontractors for specialist services.

The company are experienced in testing controlled environments with clean air devices to guarantee continuing International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO)14644-1: 2015 certification or current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliance.

All Guardtech installation team members comply with stringent site health and safety regulations, providing risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) for every project, shared ahead of all work conducted for customer review. Installation managers are also in place for each installation while site managers attend each project falling under construction design and management (CDM) coordination.

Custom medical device cleanroom design

Whether customers are beginning from a blank canvas, have an idea that needs refining, or have fully prepared sketches, Guardtech can work in unison with companies to figure out the best balance for the budget, offering a medical device cleanroom design that meets the requirements of each process while improving facilities and delivering a safe, healthy working environment for all users.

The company develops its cleanrooms following building control, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) regulations, health and safety, ISO 14644, and all appropriate industry guiding principles and standards.

Cleanroom validation service providers

Guardtech provides a full cleanroom validation service to ensure controlled environments perform to specifications. Offering in-house or independent testing, the company can assist with the entire cleanroom validation lifecycle, including operational qualification (OQ), design qualification (DQ) and installation qualification (IQ).

Testing includes filter integrity leak testing, room differential pressure testing and air velocity and volumetric flow rate measurement, as well as pressure and flow gauge calibration, lighting and noise level checks, temperature monitoring, airflow balancing and visualisation and airborne particle counting.

Turnkey cleanroom project equipment

Guardtech provides an extensive array of medical device cleanroom equipment, which is delivered and installed together with turnkey cleanroom projects.

The company can advise clients on the most suitable solution, ranging from devices for personnel to product protection or transfer hatches to enhance material flow.

The portfolio includes nitrogen generators, laminar flow units, fume cupboards, download booths, desiccators, air showers and much more.

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