Credit: Guardtech Cleanrooms Ltd

With control high on the national news agenda and decontamination practices more vital than ever before, Guardtech Cleanrooms are ready to heed the call of firms desperate to achieve the highest operating standards possible.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to maintain safe working spaces and the importance of removing unwanted particulate.

And when it comes to controlled environments, clean air and protecting staff and product, the Haverhill firm have the expertise, and Service Agreement packages, to ensure nothing is compromised.

The range of services they offer is impressively diverse – the Validation package alone includes air velocity and volumetric flow rate measurement, room differential pressure testing, airborne particle counting, temperature monitoring, humidity measurements, light level measurement and noise level checks.

But the scope of servicing goes way beyond this – from decontamination deep cleans to filter integrity testing, HVAC service and maintenance to monitoring system maintenance and gauge calibration.

Guardtech Service Engineer Chris McGinn said: “We have a very diverse portfolio of Service Agreements with some great businesses doing some amazing things.

“If there are any potential future clients out there who need regular cleanroom servicing, I’d love to hear from them and give them a rundown of how we might be able to support their requirements.”

Credit: Guardtech Cleanrooms Ltd