Non-magnetic lead

Non-magnetic connectors are required if connectors and cables are placed directly into the magnetic field of MRI or NMR systems.

HUBER+SUHNER uses virgin non-magnetic raw materials and ensures material purity throughout its fabrication processes.

We offer two variants of non-magnetic connectors:

  • Connectors with pure non-magnetic base materials and platings

Magnetic connectors are manufactured using non-recycled base materials, minimising the magnetic influence, so it is untraceable on any imaging products.

For more than 15 years, we have supplied these connectors and cables to the medical industry.

  • Connectors with non-magnetic base materials and plating

Non-magnetic connectors are suitable for peripheral connections being outside the direct B0 field.

These connectors only use non-magnetic base materials (but allowing standard materials with recycling content) and plating processes (for example, no Ni diffusion barrier).

These components are a cost-efficient choice for MRI and NMR applications near the main magnetic field.

Cables with non-magnetic materials

These are required for cable connection to and into the magnetic field of MRI and NMR applications. The cables focus on using non-magnetic materials; for example, no stainless-steel centre conductors.