When parylene coating is an important part of a device, partnering with VSi to incorporate the parylene coating process offers device makers the ability to differentiate and enhance the value of the products provided.

The easiest, and fastest way, to integrate parylene into your products is to let VSi take care of the coating process. Customers send parts to VSi, VSi will receive the parts and return the parts coated to the customers’ requirements.

VSi’s technical expertise, flexible production capacity and production know-how ensures quality and cost-efficiency.


The coating service model is perfect for customers who need operational flexibility.  Outsourcing coating allows customers to create advanced devices while staying focused on their core competencies. Scaling up capacity is managed by VSi’s operations team so devices can get to market quicker.

Quality is Priority

All parts will be processed in an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified facility. Parts are processed by trained technicians to meet part specifications. All parts are shipped with a certificate of conformance that documents any customer requested process settings.  Production records and film samples are maintained for every job.

Clean Room Coating

VSi has multiple class 10,000 clean rooms.  The cleanrooms allow parts to be processed and coated in a controlled clean environment.

Parylene offers coating as a service.