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MicroCare Stereze™ Hand Sanitizing Solutions Receive FDA Registration

Expert in critical cleaning solutions, MicroCare, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded registration from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new Stereze™ Hand Sanitizer Wipes, Gel and Spray. Launched at the end of 2020, Stereze™ Hand Sanitizers are safe and compliant for cleaning hands and are an important part of an effective hand hygiene program at work and at home.

Emily Peck, MicroCare Senior Chemist said: “We are delighted to have received formal confirmation from the FDA for the registration of our product monographs for Stereze™ Hand Sanitizers. Since launching the products in November 2020, we have received high demand from businesses looking to keep their employees safe and enhance hand hygiene practices within the workplace. This is an important step for MicroCare LLC and will give customers the added confidence that FDA registered Stereze™ Hand Sanitizers are safe, have been produced to the highest standards and are a highly-effective solution for hand sanitisation”.

“With over 35 year’s experience in providing critical cleaning solutions to industry, MicroCare LLC is in a very strong position to provide hand sanitising solutions and meet with the ever-rising demand. With established manufacturing facilities and a strong distribution network, we can ensure Stereze™ Hand Sanitizers are ready to ship throughput the United States and are received quickly and efficiently.

“We are proud that because of the processes we have always had in place, we have been able to maintain our service throughout the pandemic and continue to do so to help with critical cleaning needs.”

FDA registered Stereze™ Hand Sanitizers are available as a spray, gel and wipe and are formulated using a high-purity alcohol-based fluid.

Stereze™ Hand Sanitizer Spray is available in a portable 4 oz. pump spray bottle and can be used to sanitise hands without leaving an unpleasant scent or a sticky residue.

Alternatively, is the Stereze™ Hand Sanitizer Gel formula available in an 8 oz. pump bottle. This quick-drying gel formula effectively sanitises hands and is perfect for table-top use and to place around the workspace for convenient use.

Finally, Stereze™ Hand Sanitizer Wipes are available in 100 Wipes Tubs with a slam-shut lid to ensure wipes are kept wet between uses. With an 800 Wipe Bucket also available which stores large 8.5″ x 6″ strong and tear-resistant wipes, it is the ideal solution for rugged scrubbing or for hand sanitizing in high-traffic areas.

Stereze™ Hand Sanitizer Wipes also come in individually wrapped foil packages to make hand sanitisation quick and convenient wherever and whenever hand hygiene is required.

For further information on FDA registered Stereze™ Hand Sanitizers, please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page.

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