Schneeberger Precise Miniature Guideway - Verdict Medical Devices
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Schneeberger Precise Miniature Guideway

Schneeberger’s MINIRAIL profiled miniature guideways are small devices with accurate precision, robustness and versatility.

MINIRAIL guideways ensure linear movements are carried out quickly and precisely. Preferred areas of application include semiconductor microelectronics, medical, measuring, laser and nanotechnology industries.

Eight rail widths and four carriage lengths are also available. Users can choose between two accuracy and preload classes. Attainable productivity is available due to acceleration values of up to 300m/s2 and speeds of 5m/s.

The heavy duty ball recirculation units embedded in the carriages play a decisive role by accommodating high centrifugal forces.
Highly-precise miniature guideways by Schneeberger are made of corrosion-resistant, hardened steel.

Guideways are suitable for numerous applications, even where high acceleration and/or extreme load values are involved. Use in extreme temperature ranges and high vacuums will not present problems.

Schneeberger makes it easy to replace carriages and reduces maintenance costs.

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