The most compact printed circuit boards in the world

Bring components within the PCB to create more space for batteries with higher capacity, and make patients safer by limiting the risk of external influences.

Embedded component packaging (ECP®) technology uses the space of a multilayer printed circuit board as efficiently as possible. Components can only be attached to the top or bottom of conventional printed circuit boards, but at AT&S, we use ECP to place microcontrollers, resistors and other elements of a circuit within the PCB, too. Using this third level allows us to accommodate many more functions within a smaller space. As they are thinner and more compact, ECP circuit boards also allow the heat generated in electronic systems to be dissipated more efficiently.

ECP PCB benefits

  • ECP printed circuit boards enable more compact systems and smaller devices.
  • Moving components inside the printed circuit board affords them better protection while freeing up room on the outer layers.

Our printed circuit boards with ECP technology are the culmination of years of development work in the field of miniaturisation. By ‘burying’ components within a circuit board, we create a third functional level: valuable space is now also available for components inside the circuit board, instead of just on the top and bottom. This allows such a board to fulfil many more functions than a conventional board of the same size. Our ECP printed circuit boards are used in high-tech applications ranging from medical technology to consumer electronics.