VSi Parylene is pleased to announce the addition of Parylene on Demand™ coating equipment and ecosystem to our already established portfolio of waterproof, thin-film parylene coatings for innovative components and electronics.

For the first time ever, POD offers manufacturers a robust, out of the box solution that is designed to expertly integrate parylene directly into any production line, at any scale, anywhere in the world.

POD is an ideal solution for manufacturers looking to incorporate parylene’s unparalleled surface protection without incurring the cost, risk and complexity of shipping parts to an external facility for processing. An in-line POD system eliminates lead-time, improves overall profitability and reduces technical risk all while empowering businesses to achieve total parylene independence.

A complete POD system provides a self-contained parylene coating production system consisting of proprietary equipment, parylene dimer and consumables along with expert process development, turnkey integration and ongoing support. VSi’s parylene experts, with decades of experience, have gone to extraordinary lengths to build a production-level deposition system that delivers consistent, high-quality parylene production in an easy-to-use, worry-free package.

Commenting on the launch of the POD, Steve Neely, co-founder and CEO of VSi, says, “For years, the only production method available for the application of parylene inherently limited its scalability, and therefore the widespread proliferation of this increasingly relevant technology. POD is an especially valuable solution for parylene customers who are limited by the traditional coating-as-a-service model and are looking for a solution that offers unlimited scalability and simple integration into any production line.”

To learn more about the VSi Parylene on Demand parylene production system, please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page.