Micro and Small Injection-Moulded Plastic Components
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Precision Micro, Small and Lead Frame / Insert Injection-Molded Plastic Components

Accumold produces high-precision injection moulded plastic components for micro-electronics, micro-optics and sensors in medical devices.

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Accumold produces high-precision injection moulded plastic components for micro-electronics, micro-optics and sensors in medical devices.

The micro, small and lead frame moulded parts range in size from 5cm to parts that are less than 1mm in size. These complex parts are manufactured with only a few microns of variance.

The plastic parts can be used by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for insert, cleanroom and two-shot moulding, as well as customised automated manufacturing cells. Available materials include polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyetherimide (Ultem), liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and engineered thermoplastics.

To larger moulded parts, the company adds micro-features such as thin walls, micro-fluid channels, holes, filters and screens. These parts can be found in devices such as telecommunications systems, surgical tools, hearing aids, hand-held devices, antennas, micro-connectors.

Micro-moulded plastic components for medical devices

Accumold’s micro-moulded plastic components help meet a growing demand for minimally invasive curative and diagnostic procedures, allowing patients and medical service delivery organisations to reduce operation and recovery times and increase the accuracy of diagnosis.

The parts help medical device manufacturers to design smaller and smaller components, with thinner walls and more complex and minute features.

Accumold has more than 30 years of experience in microinjection moulding. The company’s robust quality system is designed around stringent manufacturing practices to help ensure consistently high-quality parts are delivered to customers.

Small and miniature mechanical parts for surgical tools and diagnostics

Accumold offers both small and miniature parts for medical devices such as surgical tools and diagnostics. This includes larger parts that have microfeatures or tolerances that increase device complexity.

The company offers features such as microfluidic channels and very thin-wall sections, which can be difficult for traditional moulders.

Accumold focuses on critical components that are 5cm-6cm in size.

Lead frame and insert moulding for surface mount devices

Accumold has experience with lead frame and insert moulding. This technology comprises the overmoulding of plastic in and around media such as metal, other plastics, mesh, glass, fabrics and flex circuits.

This type of moulding can reduce form factors and help make manufacturing more efficient.

Precision micro-moulding of medical device components

Accumold’s tooling, moulding, packaging and metrology are performed at its 135,000ft² facility near Des Moines, Iowa, US.

With 15 acres of property, the company plans to expand its facility to 200,000ft².

Accumold is International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) 13485, ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 certified. Its plant is completely climate controlled and has several Class-7 and Class-8 cleanrooms.

Speciality Capabilities for Micro Moulding

Not every mould is straightforward. Accumold’s capabilities are constantly expanding and improving because its customers never stop developing new technology.

In-House Micro Mould Tooling Capabilities

To meet accelerated customer demand, Accumold has an extensive array of in-house micro mould tooling capabilities, as well as state-of-the-art automation, production and efficient packaging experiences.

Accumold Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Trade Show: Just because trade events and conferences are postponed and travel has been restricted doesn’t mean innovation has to slow down. Learn about the enabling power of micro-injection molding from the Accumold Virtual Trade Show video.

Prototyping Challenges with Micro Moulding

A lot has changed in the last 20 years. Just two short decades ago, the top speed of a personal computer processor was 386MHz, and hard drive space and RAM memory were still measured in megabytes.

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Accumold to Attend SMT Hybrid Packaging Show in Nuremberg, Germany

The SMT Hybrid Packaging conference and exposition integration in Nuremberg, Germany, is still one month away but the Accumold marketing team is gearing up for its first-ever appearance at Europe’s leading event on microelectronics system integration.

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Accumold® has announced it will be showcasing its precision micromolded plastic component solutions at MD&M West.

Accumold Geared-up for 2014

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1711 SE Oralabor Road


IA 50021


United States of America